SETC Bus Timings at Tenkasi Bus Station

Timings indicated are as of July 2011, kindly confirm with SETC authorities before planning your journey based on these timings.

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47 Responses to SETC Bus Timings at Tenkasi Bus Station

  1. veeraprakash.G says:

    dear sir ,
    please send the bus timings for coimbatore to mysore via sathy,ksrtc bustimings also

    thanking you,


    • TNSTC says:

      Hi Veera,
      TNSTC-Coimbatore operates buses to Mysore at 6:35 AM, 7:25 AM, 8:00 AM, 8:10 AM, 8:15Am, 9:15 AM, 11:15, 11:30, 12:15 PM, 1:40 PM, 2:45 PM, 4:55 PM, 6:45 PM, 7:20 PM, 8:20 PM. For exact timings check with the counter. Mandya buses @ 6:45 AM, 11:30 PM. For KSRTC timings, check it at

  2. Megavannan K says:

    Do we have buses to Nilakkal or Pamba from Tenkasi? Or do we have to get down @ punalur to get another bus to pamba. I’m planning to go Sabarimala this month via Chennai – Tenkasi – nilakkal. Please provide the information that would be great.

    If we don’t have direct buses from Tenkasi. Can we get some taxi for hire?


  3. anoop says:

    dear sir ,
    please send the bus timings for erode to mysore via sathy,

    thanking you

  4. kalirajan says:

    Dear Sir,

    Plese Send them tenkasi To kollom, and Tenkasi to thodupuzha

    Bus Times & Route & which the km.

    plese send reply. urgent.

  5. vijayakumar says:

    Does Tnstc operates bus from pampa to tenkasi ?
    how to reach tenkasi from pampa by means of bus transport ?

  6. mohamed says:

    dear sir ,
    please send the bus timings for trivandrum to Tenkasi

    thanking you,


  7. Nishanth says:

    Sir, please send me the bus timing details from coimbatore or tirupur to mysore. Please give the night service buses also thank you.

  8. guruprasad says:

    Pl let me know bus details from Tenkasi to Pamba, Via punalur.

  9. Somasundaram says:

    I need to book online sect ticket from coimbatore to tenkasi. How can i do? i tried in this site, designation place i need to select tenkasi, but there has not it.

    • TNSTC says:

      Tenkasi is listed as “Thenkasi” in tnstc website. Sencottah-Coimbatore bus is not listed for booking in Thenkasi-Coimbatore route. You can search for Shencottah-Coimbatore bus and while reserving, select “Shencottah” in Pickup point.

  10. SANJAI says:

    i need chennai to tenkasi bus timings and fare

  11. alexdevan says:

    Hi i want to know the fare details from chennai to tenkasi by bus and as well as timing .pls send the reply i thankful to to

  12. kirankumar says:

    i need SETC bus timings from palani to rajapalayam.?

  13. kiran says:

    Please sir send me bus timeings from palani to srivilliputtur., including bye-pass rider,setc busses..,

  14. ranjith kumar says:

    Madurai to Coimbatore ultra deluxe timing & fare

  15. VIVEK says:


  16. suresh says:

    Dear Sir,

    please send the bus timings for Tenkasi to kanyakumari

  17. senthil says:

    Need bus timings from trivandrum to tenkasi or tenkasi to trivandrum

    • Arul Prakash says:

      Tenkasi to trivandrum: 3.30 am, 4.30 ,5.30, 6.30 ,8.30, 11.30,12.30,1.30, 3.30 , 5.00, 6.30, 8.30
      Trivandrum to tenkasi: 4:40 am, 6:55 ,8:00, 9:00,10:40,12:10, 01:00(tamilnadu SETC), 2:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, 8:10, 9:40

      All are KSRTC bus timings. only one SETC bus available in a day.

  18. Ravichandran M says:

    I want to go pamba on 17/10/12 from chennai pls send bus timings from thenkasi or sengottai

    • giby says:

      There are two SETC buses which in my opinion will take you closest to Pamba.

      1. 781UD @ 15:30 from CHENNAI CMBT to KOTTARAKARA.

      In this bus you can get down at PUNALUR and take the KSRTC bus to Pathanamthitta bus stand. From there you will get frequent buses to Pamba.


      In this bus you can get down at Pathanamthitta bus stand and then take the bus to Pamba.

      In case you have arranged to reach Thenkasi or Sengottai, then take a KSRTC bus to Punalur and then to Pathanamthitta.

      Last week a fellow passenger told me that the first KSRTC bus from Punalur to Pathanamthitta is at 3:30 AM, then next bus is from private bus stand at 4:45 AM then next at 7 AM from KSRTC. Rest of the day, there would be more frequent buses.

  19. kathir says:

    sir pls tel coimbatore to sengottai sepical bus sir

  20. Rajesh says:

    There is no SETC buses operates from Madurai to Pamba, Dindigul to Pamba, Tambaram to Pamba for all the timings. Can you please operate these routes at least sabarimalai seasons.

    It will very helpful for pilgrimages.

    • Giby says:

      I don’t know of any direct buses but here are the options you can choose.

      From Madurai there is a direct KSRTC deluxe bus to Tiruvalla, from where you can get bus to Pamba or get down at Kumlly from where there are direct KSRTC buses to Pamba.

      As per this link, there are special buses from Chennai to Pamba.

  21. sundar says:

    please send the bus timings for trichy to pamba

  22. Anish Ivan says:

    can you please sent the departure of setc bus from tenkasi to chennai…

  23. ponmaniraja says:

    Ponmaniraja said
    Dear sir Pls send to Thenkasi yo pampa Bus timing

  24. vignesh says:

    i need setc & ksrtc timing for tenkasi to kollam at night

    • Giby says:

      I have been on KSRTC buses after 4 AM from Tenkasi to Punalur. When talking to the fellow passengers in the past, they have told me that there are KSRTC buses all night but not frequently.

      If you can reach Punalur from Tenkasi, there are a lot of connecting buses between Punalur and Kollam but again if its late night, the frequency would be less.

  25. Raja says:

    dear sir, iam in neyveli i want to go to i want to go much the bus fare cost.

  26. padma sri says:

    dear sir/Madam,
    Good Evening
    please send the bus timings for trivandram to tenkasi

  27. Mohinder singh Bathla says:

    Mohinder singh 09416402221. Please let me know how to reach thoothukudi from tenkasi.Also please send timing to reach early in morning at 8 a.m

  28. thangapalam says:

    Dear sir please send thiruvanandapuram to tenkasi bus times

  29. m.arul raj says:

    sir pls may i know the buses from bangalore to tenkasi and that bus timings date 11.10.2013

  30. hi sir ,

    i plan to go samparimala on this month 16-10-2013. i am in palani . i need bus detail to reach pamba can u help me.

  31. Kailash Bhatija says:

    please let me know service of buses from tenkasi to pamba kerela.
    thank you,

  32. suriyaprakash says:

    please tell me sir from koyambedu to surandai bus

  33. Thaveethu says:

    Please send tenkasi to truvandrum bus timing

  34. nellairaj says:

    hai sir iam book in chennai to tenkasi spl bus on sunday 9:20so iam going how many hours pls send him & thank u

  35. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need bus timings from kollam to Tenkasi including SETC, KSRTC.

  36. karthee keyan says:

    dear sir ,

    i wanna to know the timings between tenkasi to coimbatore ………..

    oh -} pls! check it out ….and put a notice to me ……..

    BY .today .if it works a heavenly thanks @#E

  37. Rajkumar says:

    how long it will take to reach pathanamthitta from tenkasi…
    direct bus or tenkasi to punalur and then punalur to pathanamthitta.. approximately how long it will take??
    bus frequency from tenkasi to pathanamthitta or tenkasi to punalur and then from punalur to pathanamthitta … in morning 6am to 9 am…

    I must be there at pathanamthitta before 12 noon.

    • Giby says:

      It will take approximately 4 hours from Tenkasi to Pathanamthitta, but it depends on the traffic. There are some direct buses from Ten to Pta but it is best to not wait for them and take the available bus for Punalur. From Punalur if there is not direct KSRTC bus to Pta then you can come out of the bus stand and walk to the stop where private buses are available to Pathanamthitta.

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