TNSTC Villupuram Division Volvo timings for Vellore and Hosur

TNSTC Villupuram Division Volvo Timings at Vellore and Hosur:

TNSTC VPM Volvo Timings

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11 Responses to TNSTC Villupuram Division Volvo timings for Vellore and Hosur

  1. anand says:

    Where was this photo taken? Koyambedu or Vellore…. wondering because it does not have the timing chennai to hosur… please post if you have it..

    • Hi Anand,

      The timings indicated are taken from Hosur Bus terminus. CMBT timings will be posted by next week. Stay tuned….


      • Rajasekar says:

        Why Tamil Nadu govt are not using Volvo MUlti Axle and Volvo b9r busses for interstate and withinthe seate

  2. SURESHKUMAR says:

    what about reservations in these buses? tnstc online booking it is not available.

  3. P. Sudhakar Rao says:

    I would like to know the bus timings from vellore to hosur in the evening after 5 p.m & direct buses from Vellore to bangalore by SETC ( Tamilnadu State Govt buses )

  4. prasath says:

    The volvo bus is ok.. but where is the TV and where is the pushback seat.. we are paying for 1 km more than 1 rupees… think about that…

  5. Murali says:

    Guys, I recently travelled in a Bus from Vellore to Sriperumpudur but the conductor forced me to buy a ticket till Poonamalle, after seeing the bus ticket it was mentioned as TNSTC, Vilupuram – under Koyambedu depot, I tried reaching out 04146259256 but told to reach out 04146225876. But the number never went through. Is there any number to reach out the compliants department?

  6. Afroze Ahmed- Ambur says:

    it would be good if hosur-chennai volvo bus timining posted on this site.and it would be good if housr volvo bus start at 5:30 instead of 5. more people like to used volvo intead of other normal transport buses.

  7. vijay says:

    the fares are not rounded off making passengers to tender every time the correct change.if the balance comes to 1 rupee the conductors are not refunding. this is happening often. so either the fares may be rounded off or make the conductors responsible. tnstc/setc should cultivate moral responsibility upon the conductors and stopping the habit of making 1rupee

  8. vijay says:

    there are some drivers especially during night time driving in half sleep making passengers like me without sleep until the destination is reached. some conductors are sleeping in the front seat without helping the driver to perform his job efficiently. it would be ideal especially in night journey the conductor having driving capability should also be engaged in all tamilnadu buses. it will be helpful to passengers undertaking night journey.

  9. V NARAIN says:

    I want to know the TNSTC-Bus Timings from VELLORE to VILLUPURAM & Vellore to Puducherry urgently.

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