Bus timings at Pondicherry

Sl No Destination Time Service Type Via
1 Bangalore 9:00 SETC-UD Tindivanam
2 Thiruvananthapuram 16:30 SETC-UD
3 Ernakulam 17:00 SETC-UD
4 Tiruchendur 17:45 SETC-UD
5 Coimbatore 19:45 SETC-UD Cuddalore
6 Bangalore 20:30 SETC-UD Cuddalore
7 Tirupathi 20:45 SETC-LC
8 Coimbatore 21:00 SETC-LC Villupuram
9 Madurai 21:30 SETC-UD
10 Senkottiah 19:00 SETC-UD
11 Bangalore 22:00 SETC-UD
12 Thiruthani 5:30, 10:42, 22:45 TNSTC
13 Tiruchirapalli 4:40, 6:09, 10:05, 21:57 TNSTC
14 Kumbakonam 6:32, 7:32, 9:28, 15:12, 16:40, 20:01 TNSTC
15 Vellore 5:55, 7:07, 8:40, 12:00, 13:00, 14:50,
15:25, 17:05
16 Tirupathi 21:15 TNSTC
17 Bangalore 7:25, 22:00 TNSTC Cuddalore
18 Bangalore 9:30, 22:30 TNSTC Tindivanam
19 Hosur 7:30, 8:10, 11:30, 17:40, 21:30, 22:15 TNSTC
20 Hogenakal 6:40, 13:00 TNSTC
21 Tirupattur 4:40, 13:20, 19:55 TNSTC
22 Kancheepuram 7:30, 11:25, 15:40, 20:12, 23:15 TNSTC
23 Salem 13:22, 20:38 TNSTC
24 Erode 8:30, 20:30 TNSTC
25 Tirupathi 9:00, 21:30, 22:00 PRTC
26 Velankanni 9:30 PRTC
27 Bangalore 12:15, 23:00 PRTC
28 Kumuli 17:00 PRTC
29 Mahe 17:30 PRTC
30 Nagercoil 18:35 PRTC
31 Tirupathi 21:30 APSRTC
32 Tirumala 22:00 APSRTC
33 Bangalore 8:30, 22:30 KSRTC – Airavat
34 Bangalore 9:30, 23:00 KSRTC – Rajahamsa

Thanks Anand for sharing me the timings..

Note: Please get the exact timing details from the respective counters. Use this timings for reference.

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45 Responses to Bus timings at Pondicherry

  1. suresh says:

    from trichy to pondichery via tanjore

  2. what is the time that the pondycherry to ernakulam bus arrives at cuddalore in evening?

  3. Manoj says:

    Coming sunday night

  4. Kaushik Raja says:

    Great to see useful blogs from Public sector……. Thanks for the information

  5. Shanmugam says:

    Did any one booked online ticket from Puducherry to Coimbatore in the only available bus (Ultra Deluxe)?.
    I tried many times ondifferent dates. But every time message always comes as “Onward Services are not available on this date”.
    Any one experienced that difficulty?

  6. chandrasegar says:

    hi this very much helpful

  7. thinakaran says:

    how mach pondy to tirupthi ticket rate & bus timeing

  8. Ghouse says:

    This information is very useful, thanks for this update

  9. Sir pls am always getting this “Onward Services are not available on this date.” error …wat to do? for further moves.. pls help

    • Rajasekar says:

      it means, there is no bus services for selected destinations. Select next point or end point for your route to get details.

  10. kodhandaraman says:

    where s the timing for chennai buses

  11. A.KARTHIKEYAN says:

    Thank u for ur kind information on bus timing. I will inform my friends when they need,

  12. SADEEP says:


  13. manikandan says:

    hi pl send me bus timing from pondy to vellore

  14. jerald says:

    great service.

  15. robin says:

    any setc buses to salem from pondicherry.??

  16. Ramesh says:

    hi pl send me bus timing from pondy to Arialur

  17. arun.m says:

    Hosur to podichery timing details want

  18. subbulakshmi says:

    i want to travel to neyveli on 15.5.2013. Kindly give bus timing details.

  19. KARTHIK says:

    I want to see panjavadi anjaneyar temple, that is located on the thinidivanam – pondicherry by pass road.. Any buses exist to see it, either from Pondy or from Thindivanam ? Particularly whether the buses alight from the bypass and go inside to stop at temple ??

  20. amuthan says:

    sir, i want bus timing from pondicherry to trichy via cuddalore

  21. SATISH says:


  22. ponnusamy 9842677373 says:

    20, ,ponnusamy said ,erode to pondichery buses whats time&how much bus fare ,bus contition tel me sir

  23. Rajesh says:

    i want kumbakonam to pondicherry morning bus timing

  24. ulagu says:

    Can you give me phone no to compline about pandy to vellore

  25. Balakrishnan says:

    kindly give me after 12 o clock bus service to puducherry

  26. Jagadeesh says:

    thanks for the info….. Its very useful

  27. Jaikumar says:

    Will pls say the setc bus timings from vellore to pondicherry

  28. Ananthan.R says:

    pls send pondy to trichy bus today after noon

  29. shaji kk says:

    please intimate bus from kumily to pondichery

  30. Frank duff says:

    Tell me the timing of buses from coimbatore to pondicherry

  31. V NARAYANAN says:

    Is there any direct govt. bus to palani from puducherry?

    May I know the latest TNSTC-Bus timings at Puducherry?

  32. V.NARAYANAN says:

    Is there any bus from pondy to pollachi via palani?

    • TNSTC says:

      we didnt have direct bus from Pollachi to Pondy. Instead you can take the buses from Coimbatore. Timings from Coimbatore(SETC BS): 8:00 PM, 8:30 PM, 9:00 PM, 9:30 PM. If your travel is from Palani, then get a bus to trichy and take a separate bus from Trichy.

  33. Anand says:

    Salem to pandichery.

    Bus tickets amount

  34. Mugesh says:

    Is there any online ticket booking for UD buses

  35. lizzie says:

    Please can you tell me bus times from pondy to trichy? For this coming Tuesday? Many thanks

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